Environmental Technology Research Group



Head of Group:    Professor Lucjan Chmielarz
  Agnieszka Węgrzyn, Dr habil
  Małgorzata Rutkowska, PhD, Eng
  Aleksandra Borcuch, MSc
  Andrzej Kowalczyk, MSc
  Monika Marosz, MSc, Eng
  Zofia Piwowarska, MSc
  Marcelina Radko, MSc
  Aneta Święs, MSc


Research areas

  • Pollutants' elimination from flue gases:

NOx (DeNOx, catalytic decomposition of N2O),
volatile organic compounds (catalytic incineration of VOCs),
ammonia (NH3-SCO),
carbon soots (catalytic incineration),

  • Optimization of catalytic synthesis of fuel biocomponents,
  • Catalytic and adsorption methods for elimination of organic and inorganic pollutants from waste waters,
  • Synthesis and functionalization of high surface area silica and aluminosilica materials with uniform porous structure (e.g. 2D zeolites, zeolites with hierarchical porous structure, PILCs, PCHs, MCM-41, MCM-48, SBA-15, MCF, MSU) for catalytic and adsorption applications,
  • Studies of high surface area hydrotalcite originated mixed metal oxide systems for catalytic applications.